Pool, Slott


Pool, phoot art, sauna, tennis, yoga, cooking classes and to top it off - a true old school bowling alley from the 1930's - there are plenty of things to do at the Palace. But our personal favorite is to sip champagne and catch up with friends in the parlors.



When the pool was built in 1930 it was the first outdoor swimming pool in Sweden ever, it was built according to the Olympic standard of the time 12x25 m. Torsten Kreuger was loved his pool and built a slide from the top floor bathroom for a quick access in the mornings. Unfortunately, when marguerite took over she did not think a slide was appropriate at a palace so she had it removed.

Today our hotel guests can enjoy a refreshing dip in the summer. Oh, and the pool is great for an evening swim, thanks to the bright Scandinavian summer nights.

The pool is open during summertime only and exclusively for our hotel guests.



We have a sauna by our jetty. The palace is of course a sea side property, but as it is quite a large property the jetty is about 500 meters from the palace. The sauna is perfect for crisp winter evenings and long summer nights. Be sure to book it prior to your visit!



We have Sweden's oldest bowling alley at our palace. It was built in 1930 and is kept in its original state, with original balls with only two holes.



Next to the tennis court there are six boule lanes. And crocket can be played all over the palace grounds, in the apple orchard or by the pool for example.



There are several jogging paths around the beautiful peninsula beautiful. They are between 3 and 7 km. You can of course use these paths for leisurely strolls or dog walks. In the middle of the 7km path there is a small path leading to the top of the hill. From the top there is a wonderful view of the sea and al the little islands well worth the effort. Do not forget to order a pic nic basket for an even greater experience; coffee and cookies with a view.



For those who prefer to stroll around the palace grounds there are lots of evil looking, dreamy, passionate, devilish, old and happy statues that can be admired. They are spread all over the palace grounds.

pool, hotell, stockholm


Slottspool, kreuger


Bowling, kägelbana


Skärgårdsbastu, sjöbastu


Biljard, biljardbord


Cookalong, aktivitet


Countryridning, häst.


Anthony Charles Heads, mentalist


Natur, skog, slott





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