Down the stairs, passed the dungeon and to your right, lies the wine cellar. Furnished with a beautiful long table, it's a place you want to take your friends, lovers and colleagues to taste wine and eat lots of cheese. Our sommelier will be there to assist you, of course.

Vinkällare, Häringe Slott



Palaces and good wines have a long and inseparable history, and the people who live in palaces are  known to dutifully enjoy the good wines on hand. Even if Axel Wenner-Gren himself wasn’t much of a drinker (unlike his wife, Axel preferred mineral water), he always offered an abundance of cocktails and wine at all of the Wenner-Gren homes.
An impressive collection of wine was included in the deal when the Wenner-Grens took over Häringe Palace from Torsten Kreuger (who was imprisoned and forced to accept a veritably disgraceful bid). The wine cellar here was informally called “Gyllene Freden,” due to the fact that the total value of all the wines in here at the time would have been enough to purchase the distinguished restaurant located in the Old Town of Stockholm.
Torsten Kreuger later stated that he could forgive his friends the Wenner-Grens for buying Häringe – including all furnishings – for a paltry sum, but he could never forget that Axel and Marguerite gave Torsten’s old parents only six days to move out. You could say that eventually the tides were turned when Birger Strid – the trustee who emptied the palace of everything of value after Axel Wenner-Gren’s death – didn’t stop at selling the remaining wares, but even sold off the wine cellar shelves.


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